Cornerstone Specialty Network is proud to announce a multi-year sponsorship of the DONNA Foundation. The DONNA Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance and support to those living with breast cancer and fund ground breaking breast cancer research.

We are excited about this long-term commitment as it aligns with our mission as well – to help maximize the quality of patient care, which also includes clinical research initiatives. Cornerstone’s leadership attended the National Marathon on February 7th– 9th and it was inspiring to see the positivity and dedication from all of those who were involved with the event. 

Since its founding in 2006, The Donna Foundation has helped over 13,000 families, provided $3.5 million in financial support and has donated $3.3 million supporting breast cancer research. In addition to supporting breast cancer research, the Donna Foundation provides much-needed case management services to patients, caregivers and their providers. The foundation provides free access to a team of professional case managers who have an insurance background with coding and billing expertise. Using their knowledge of reimbursement issues, this dedicated team helps patients diagnosed with breast cancer navigate the economic issues associated with their diagnosis. 

To learn more about the Donna Foundation please visit their website at